Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lakes, Bobcats, & Huckleberries...Oh My!

We were off to see our favorite huckleberry patch in August. It is only a 7 mile climb up a winding dirt road from my house, but that is as much as I can divulge, since, as we all know, huckleberry patches are kept as much a secret as a favorite fishing hole!

Wild flowers bloomed along the way.

Gus is a lot of help!

Pies, pancakes, and jam followed in the next few days. Homemade biscuits are elevated to a gourmet treat with the addition of the earthy flavor and jewel-tone color of fresh huckleberry jam.
We spent one last lazy day of summer at Lake MacDonald in Glacier National Park which is only an hour northeast of us. There was the picture perfect azure blue sky, calm indigo blue alpine lake, and sandy pebble-stewn beach to sit on and just ponder the beauty of it all. Do I see some inspiration here for an upcoming quilt? Oh, and my 2 very handsome sons in the foreground make a beautiful picture all the more memorable.

Mom, is this what you call a vacuum!?!?!?

My second to youngest son, Wyatt, was off again to "bobcat country" as MSU in Bozeman is affectionately called. Jesse, my youngest son, and I helped haul all of the obligatory college stuff back to his apartment and spent a couple of days cleaning, hanging posters, and stocking the refrigerator. I really don't know how he survives with his limited culinary experience!

Summer is quickly coming to a close, company has come and gone, and the kids are back in school. Does that mean I must get back to business? Sally said to get off the beach chair and start working on our upcoming projects!

Talk to you soon,


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Dallas said...

Very nice story! Nice photography, too! You lost me, though, with the "2 very handsome sons" comment...Ha ha ha! (You mean, that kid actually knows how to vacuum??) Wyatt's apt. looks great! That would cost at least $4,000 per mo. in NYC.