Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Pincushions For You

Okay, so it’s been a while since we’ve blogged. Yeah, yeah, we know. We’re busy, you know. What with all our dilly-dallying, things take time!! And with finishing projects for our new book, taking photos for our new book, editing our new book, and did I say WRITING our new book, it’s time-consuming. We can’t tell you who’s publishing it yet, but you’ll know soon. Hint: we’re working with the best publisher in the industry. Can you guess now? Oh, and they have the most wonderful people to work with. Still haven’t guessed? Well, you’ll just have to wait then. The book will come out in July, 2011, but we can reveal some things in about January or so, so stay tuned.

This week we introduced 3 new Simply Petite Patterns—Frosted Cupcake, Petit Fours, and Piece O Cake. They’re all pincushions for your collection and soooooo much fun to make—fast too.

You can see all our patterns on our website.

Have a great week!

Susan and Sally

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Jennine Jones said...

love them. Wouldn't they make nice Christmas gifts for all your sewing friends? Heck, even your non-sewing friends.