Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I’ve decided I need a ‘muse’!

I’m thinking I really need to become inspired in 2011. I’ve been studying some of the world’s greatest artists and they all seem to have a ‘muse’. So, I’ve decided I need a muse!

Muse: a goddess who inspires the creation of literature and the arts (from Greek mythology).

I’m not sure if it’s the muse that makes the artist, but I’m willing to take a chance. After all,

Andy had Edie

Dylan had Joan

John had Yoko

Sooo, I’d like to introduce my muse: Baby Brooklyn (my granddaughter).

Let’s see how Brooky can inspire me this year. Think of all the beautiful little clothes that I can design for Brooklyn; and she’ll need a quilt or two—I’ll have to design a couple of those. Oh, she’s already inspiring so many things; I can’t wait to get started.

Oops, I'll get inspired right after this diaper change! Talk to you soon!

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