Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sisters, Friends, Partners

We're very good friends, my sister and I. We're partners in our business. Our last names remind people of the phone company when people referred to it as 'Ma Bell'. We definitely talk on the phone a lot. We have our differences.
I am organized. Sally is not.*
I have dogs. Sally has cats.
I like to garden. Sally likes to Facebook.
I am right-brained. Sally is left-brained.*
I watch Top Chef. Sally watches Blue Bloods.
I drive a new SUV. Sally drives a vintage sports car.
I use a land line. Sally uses an iPhone 4s.
*Some days we switch.

But that's OK...we're friends anyway.
We both love color.
We both like to create.
We both love gaining knowledge and sharing.
We laugh a lot, too. And sometimes we cry.
But even when we're mad, or just feeling sad, we're always glad to be sisters.

Have a nice day,

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