Monday, November 18, 2013

Stockings and Stuff

     Never fear, those Christmas stockings, "hung by the chimney with care", will not go empty. There are many fun, quick projects in our new book, Sew a Backyard Adventure, that can be made at the last minute to stuff into those Christmas stockings. Our Into the Wilds Water Bottle Carrier is insulated to keep water cool and can be personalized so everyone can keep track of which bottle is theirs. It includes a detachable strap so kids can strap it across their chest and go hands free.

     Stuff our little Samuel or Samantha Bear into a stocking and watch the lucky kid hug the bear and you!
The 6th chapter in our book is titled "Fun Things To Do". There are pages you can photocopy and cut out to make Finger Puppets and Animal Tracks Reference Cards. How easy and fast is that! They offer lots of fun for the kids and keep them busy playing and pretending. If they are old enough just put the pages in their stockings and let them cut them out!
"You don't have to be an angel to sing harmony, You don't have to be a child to love the mystery..., The heart of this Christmas is in you and me."
We hope we have given you some ideas to use our book to make some thoughtful gifts for loved ones this year and for years to come.
Stay tuned for our next post! It's a surprise!
Happy Sewing and Crafting!
Susan and Sally

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