Saturday, January 11, 2014

Chalk It Up to Winter

The cold weather and snow and ice can be chalked up to the fact that we are in the depths of winter, but the title of this post is not referring to our wintry conditions. Drum roll, please..... It is to announce the name of our new fabric collection, Chalk It Up to Winter! Yes, we have a fabric collection with Marcus Fabrics! We submitted our idea to them - a wintry mix of warm flannels in red, greys, pine green, white, and a parcel tan with a chalkboard look. We loved the idea of bringing chalkboard drawings to fabric! They loved it too!

 This is the pine (chalkboard green) and parcel colorway.

This is the red and chalkboard gray colorway.

We're working on several patterns featuring the fabrics.

 Check out the selvage! That might be our favorite part!

Our fun fabrics will be available March 1st with patterns soon after.
Susan and Sally

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