Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Love Lucy...& Gus!

This is my little Australian Shepherd puppy, Lucy, at 3 months.

This is Lucy at 7 months. From these photos it looks like she has grown into her ears!

We call her our golden girl. Her coat is such a beautiful color of gold and champagne with white and copper. Each eye is blue with green. She's very sweet and looks like an angel, but looks can be deceiving because she is full of  mischief!  I Love Lucy! 

Gus is my son Jesse's dog. He is pretty close to perfect. However, he does get confused at times as to whether he is a kid or a dog! He's a beautiful blue merle w/copper. He has one blue eye and one brown eye. I love Gus, too!

In fact I love him so much that I designed a quilt featuring him and named for him.

It's called Gus On A Wild Goose Chase and you can find the pattern here.

Happy Thanksgiving,


Sally Vannoy said...

Love these dogs!!!

Jane S. said...

Aren't those great dogs? So intelligent, and so devoted. We have a mini Australian Shepherd and he's the smartest dog we've ever had. He's blue merle with copper and white, just like Gus. He can run like the wind!