Sunday, November 20, 2011

Oh Thank Cuteness!

Recently, out there in blogland, there was some criticism of a quilt blogger who periodically posts pictures of her adorable children instead of blogging about her quilts each and every day. That situation was diffused in a courteous manner, but it brought up a point. From time to time, we all love to show off our children, grandchildren, and pets.

So. . .
Jake, Melissa, Megan and Scott at GenQ Magazine came up with a wonderful idea: GenQ is declaring the week of Thanksgiving as Oh Thank Cuteness! You see, they feel that, “It’s the personal glimpses that help our readers relate to who we are and how we work. Our work is integrated within our lives and sometimes our families are our best work to be showcased in a blog post.”

So we’re joining in the fun this week and giving you a glimpse into our lives. Throughout the week we will be posting about the people and pets closest to our hearts and who have become a big part in our lives. Enjoy.

Oh, and btw, come back next week to see some grand book reviews and the week of December 4 for a great give-away.
Without, further ado. . .

Brooklyn Elizabeth, Sally's granddaughter:  19 months old at present, adorable, smart as ever, exceptional personality, beautiful eyes (you can tell the proud grandmother wrote this! lol!).  She is one of our Maw-Bell models as you can see by the bottom picture, Brooklyn's Dresses pattern.

Happy Thanksgiving,

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Cynde said...

She is so Cute!! I love the dress pattern also, but my goodness such big beautiful eyes. She is very sweet.