Saturday, December 3, 2011

Anya's Here!

The wait is over. Our new patterns are here! I promised photos of the pattern covers in an earlier post, so here is the big reveal. Anya's Hat & Pleated Skirt - Size 5,6,7.

We're so pleased with the look of the patterns. Thanks so much to Cadence and Gabby for doing such an awesome job modeling the skirts and hats.
So wait no more, we're sending out orders now.

Oh, and did you notice our new logo? We have some fun news to announce in the near future, so Sally said we needed to update our logo to fit our new look.

Talk later,
Susan and Sally

1 comment:

VickiT said...

That is an adorable skirt pattern. The logo looks great although with today being my first time reading your blog, I have to admit to not knowing what the old look was.

Also, just an fyi ~ my post on the giveaway today (Dec 6th) sent me a rejection notice so you aren't getting emails from your blog. I then went to your store to email you with the posted email contact from your store and I just got a rejection back from that as well. I hope you will see this post so in case you aren't aware of the problem you will know now so your customers, or potential customers will have a way to contact you.