Sunday, October 14, 2012

Montana Fall

It’s fall again in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana. The leaves are turning all shades of yellow, gold, and orange. It’s beautiful. Fall is always my favorite time of year. It’s the time when we can relax knowing our summer chores are over and the rat race of the holidays has not yet begun. The wood is in, the garden is harvested, and we can sit—even if just for a moment—and enjoy our rewards.
from our back deck

wood is in

Our little homestead includes lots of trees and a big gully with a stream.  We have lots of animals that live there in the gully and visit our yard on a continual basis.  They’ve grown to know that we won’t harm them.  It’s almost like a little refuge.  We have been watching a couple of families of wild turkeys through the summer.  The babies are almost grown now.  When our cats get too close, the mother turkeys will fan their tail feathers and give them a run for their money.  We see elk in herds of 12 or more.  I hope they’re avoiding the hunters.  The deer practically take over our yard and sleep under our lilac bushes all summer.  I feel bad when I mow the lawn and take out their fluffy little beds.  We had a raccoon peek in our full-length glass door the other evening; I assumed he was curious who won the vp debate!
our turkeys!

our elk!

our deer!

 Our mornings are crisp—sometimes downright cold (16 degrees to be exact!).  The afternoons are warm and beautiful, reminding me of plaid skirts, knee socks, lettermen’s jackets and football games.  What memories we have of years gone by. 
Speaking of memories, my husband, Danny, was cleaning the garage the other day and found his mask from one of our all-time greatest family Halloween parties.  We’ll never forget that one.  It was at Susan’s house and Danny was coming down the curved stairway in big cardboard shoes moaning like Frankenstein in his mask.  He caught himself just before tripping and breaking his neck!  If I remember right, I was a witch and Susan was a clown.  My brothers-in-law were the chainsaw murderer and Jason from Friday, the 13th.  We had kids dressed as cowboys, Indians, 30’s girls, 50’s girls, and GI Joes.  Susan made an outrageous Halloween dinner with specialty treats.  Ah, those were some good memories.
handsome dude, isn't he?
Here’s hoping you’re slowing down enough to enjoy your fall—if even just for an afternoon.  Take a walk in the beautiful leaves, take some pics of wildlife, carve a pumpkin, bake some squash or an apple pie.  Take advantage of the quiet before the storm of the holiday rush!

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