Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cake for two

Introducing our latest pattern! Mother and child can make a cake together wearing our sweet cake-themed aprons. The pockets on the mother's apron are disguised as cake layers with piped frosting (ruffles) as trim complete with candles. The child's apron features a chocolate cupcake with lots of luscious frosting and a cherry (button) on top! It comes in 3 sizes - small (2-3), medium (4-5), and large (6-7). Our Let's Make a Cake apron pattern will make it more fun than ever to make a cake and eat it too. It is available as a paper pattern and as a PDF download.

We coordinated our 2 aprons by using the same delightful fabrics in each.  
Surprise your favorite mother and child by making them our fun little matching aprons as gifts!

Talk later - we're hungry,
Susan and Sally

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