Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's Here!

Yeah! Our new book Sew a Backyard Adventure is finally here and it's so beautiful!

It's been almost a year since Susan's sons, Wyatt and Jesse, took the outdoor location photos of all the kids and projects. We had to cancel the shoot several times because of rainy weather, but all the rain made everything so green and pretty. Just right for outdoor photos! And yes, this really is a backyard adventure. All the location photos were taken in Susan's backyard (Well, OK some were taken in the front yard!) in the gorgeous mountains of northwest Montana!

It's worth all the delays, edits, and re-edits when the book finally arrives. Look how thick it is! It's 112 pages with 2 large pattern pullouts.
This is the front cover.
And this is the back cover.

We wanted each of the 6 chapters to start with a 2-page opening photo spread showing our little models having fun adventures. This is Chapter 2 and includes a kid-size backpack, water bottle carrier, and quilt.

Chapter 3 includes our Happy Campers Teepee, Li'l Campers Teepee, sleeping bag, and little stuffed bear to keep the little camper company while braving that backyard camping trip.

We want to thank all the willing and well-behaved kids for really helping us give our book the look we wanted and to convey all the fun that kids can have when they put down those electronic devices and go outside for an adventure. Thanks to Sally's granddaughter, Brooklyn (our youngest model at 2 years old), and grandson Tristan (3). Cadence is our 'experienced' model as she has been on the front of many of our kid's clothing patterns. Her little cousins, Joseph and Emory, came with her and really did a great job. Sisters, Payton and Raimey, are so pretty and did such a professional job for us. Last, but not least, was Mason who made the front cover along with Payton and Tristan! Of course, many thanks to their mothers who so patiently waited for us to get that perfect shot and didn't mind taking their time to help us out.
We have several more posts planned to show you some of the fun projects and beautiful photos that the book has to offer. You can buy the book here and here. We will get all the pre-orders out asap.
We will be giving a book away in an upcoming post so stay tuned!
Susan and Sally 


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What a wonderful book! The projects are all so fun! Thanks for letting my kids help model your fun campy gear! ~Julie Denney

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love these designs!! I hope I win!