Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happy Trails!

     "Here comes Santa Claus, Here comes Santa Claus", with another idea to check off your Christmas list! When we designed our Happy Trails Backpack for our book Sew a Backyard Adventure, we wanted it to be kid-friendly with pockets, buckles, a D-ring for hanging something from, and a carry strap to hang it up by. We made a bunch of them for the kids to use for the photo shoots for the book.  We had so much fun choosing fabrics for them. We use 3 different coordinating fabrics, so it is easy to make custom backpacks for each of the kids on your list!  Our instructions are clear and concise with illustrations for every step. We've even included a 'Fun Idea' to make a personalized ID tag to sew inside.

     As with our Campy Kids Vest in the previous post, use fabrics that feature a kid's favorite sports team, favorite cartoon, or favorite colors to make them a backpack for Christmas. Put something fun inside for a special surprise!
Happy Sewing!
Susan and Sally


PJ Bartlome Ferrell said...

Two very talented ladies. I especially love the teepee and the sleeping bags. Many years ago I made a teepee for my 2 young sons, but it wasn't like that! I could sit and read their new book for hours. Love it and congratulations to 2 special sisters!

Cindi Bratvold said...

You have great designs and you are both wonderful women. I have made several of your patterns and they are easy to follow. Thank you!